Leaf Soup

Thoroughly Unappetizing Tea Descriptions

This space is for teas I drink. I like tea an awful lot. I'm not much of a reviewer and I don't have the most refined palate, but I like to try and record what I drank and what I thought of it, especially if it's something I need shipped overseas.

Due to COVID and such shipping from anywhere is a nightmare, much less from China or Japan. I don't expect much to be written here on the regular for a while, aside from some western blends and stuff I already have in my collection.

2018 Flapjacks Ripe by White2Tea

Oct 22, 2020

These adorable little coins prove to be a solid and accessible shou, for everyday drinking or as an introduction to the type.

Gongfu Gone Wrong: 2018 Mini Redhead from White2Tea

Oct 02, 2020

What started as an exciting trip into a sample turned oversteeped and mostly ruined. Not every session goes right, you know.

I Like Kukicha

Sep 28, 2020

Incoherent ramblings about kukicha, and why it is good and worth getting over sencha sometimes.

Dian Hong Golden Snail by Teavivre

Sep 16, 2020

A tea very similar to a favorite of mine from the past. I see if it meets the standards I remember the first one setting.

Budget and Bulk: The Daily Lifeblood

Aug 27, 2020

A look into my tea stash and its mundanity.

On Cutting Caffeine

Jul 07, 2020

A questionable action to do the very moment you make a place to post about teas.

CTC Assam by Harney & Sons

Jun 28, 2020

Sort of a test post as well as unnecessary navel-gazing. Get used to the unnecessary navel-gazing, you'll be seeing that on this site a LOT.