CTC Assam by Harney & Sons

Jun 28, 2020

This is more of a test post than anything, but it is something I've been drinking a whole lot of as of late. Perhaps way too much, actually - I bought 20oz of the stuff and I'm pretty sure I've went through half of it in a month...

The Harney & Sons page pitches the tea as such:

Enjoy tea as they drink it in India. Our CTC Assam has a striking amber color, rich flavor, and is full bodied as well. It is a key ingredient in several of our blends, including the East Frisian and Chai. It takes milk and sugar, and can also be enjoyed solo. An espresso-style tea! Kosher.

Well, they're not exactly wrong - milk and sugar is the way I always drink this stuff. Maybe that's part of it: pretty much every tea in my cupboard except for this one are things you would really rather not sweeten and milk up. Puerhs, greens, some roasted oolong. But, you know, life's been tough lately, and a sweet milky sugarbomb of a tea is really rather pleasant anymore. Also, it's cheap as all hell. Seriously, I think it breaks down to like 4 cents per gram of tea.

So, no, there really isn't anything interesting in particular about this tea. Hell, like I said, this is mostly a test entry - I'm checking how that blockquote thing works. It's going to be really funny if people get to, like, watch the site grow more complex with each entry. Or maybe not. Oh well.

Still, it's a comfy tea to drink. I'm drinking it while typing this. And if there's anything everybody needs right now, it's something comfy.